Aug 9 2013

David Cay Johnston on Washington Post Sale, Jaisal Noor on Oak Creek Anniversary

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wapostThis week on CounterSpin: In a move that seemed to surprise everyone, the Washington Post was sold to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. In an era of billionaire media moguls, what could this mean? We’ll ask veteran reporter David Cay Johnston.


Also on CounterSpin today: One year ago, a white supremacist killed six and injured many more at a Sikh temple, or Gurdwara, in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. The atrocity and its one-year commemoration haven’t got the attention that some other massacres have received, but a lot is going on in Oak Creek. We’ll talk to the Real News‘ Jaisal Noor about the one-year anniversary.


-“Washington Post Sale Ushers in a New Age of Publishing,” by David Cay Johnston (National Memo, 8/5/13)

–“Sikh Community Marks Anniversary of Wisconsin Temple Massacre,” by Jaisal Noor (Real News, 8/5/13)