Feb 7 2014

Joel Berg on Food Stamps, Jules Boykoff on Olympics

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SNAPThis week on CounterSpin: Congress passed the nearly trillion dollar farm bill on February 2—with more than $8 billion in cuts to food stamps, or the SNAP program, as it is now known. What does this mean for people dealing with food insecurity, and where did the rest of the money go? We’ll talk to Joel Berg, the director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger.

Sochi-2014-Company-OlympicsAlso on the show: When the Olympics begin in Sochi, US viewers are likely to hear at least a little about Russia’s crackdown on LGBT people and protests against it. If so it will be a rare instance of media acknowledging that politics are part of the Olympics story and not a detraction from it. We’ll talk about Olympic activism with author and political science professor Jules Boykoff.


–“‘Red Meat to the Tea Party’: How Factory Farm Handouts Beat Food Stamps,” a Salon.com interview with Joel Berg (2/4/14)

–“Sochi Games Are Apt Venue for Athlete Activism,” by Jules Boykoff and Dave Zirin (SF Gate, 1/23/14)