Jan 31 2014

John Schmitt on State of the Union, Dominique Apollon on Race & the Media

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stateoftheunion2014This week on CounterSpin: The president’s State of the Union address was met with praise from liberal pundits and derision from conservatives, with precious little analysis of the content. Was it a turn real toward populism? We’ll take a look at some of Obama’s economic talking points with John Schmitt, a senior economist with the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

RaceForwardAlso on CounterSpin today, a new study of media coverage of race finds very little of it is what the researchers call ‘systemically aware.’ We’ll ask Dominique Apollon from the group Race Forward to explain what that means, and what better coverage would look like.


Salon interview with John Schmitt (1/28/14)
Race Forward