Kathleen McClellan on Edward Snowden, Ralph Nader on 'Told You So'

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Edward SnowdenThis week on CounterSpin: Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden is either a whistleblower or a traitor, depending on whom you listen to. His revelation of the government secretly gathering data on millions of Americans is likewise either further evidence of state encroachment on civil liberties--or no big deal. We'll hear from whistleblower advocate Kathleen McClellan, national security and human rights counsel at the Government Accountability Project, about Snowden and the NSA.

Nader_ToldYouSo_150dpi-243x300Also on CounterSpin today: Veteran consumer rights activist Ralph Nader has a new collection of weekly columns titled Told You So. He'll join us to tell us about the stories he's tried to tell—and what he makes of a media system that too often silences the voices of dissent.



--Government Accountability Project


-- Nader.org



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