Jun 28 2013

Kimberle Crenshaw on Affirmative Action, Tyson Slocum on Obama’s Climate Speech

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gty_affirm_action_130624_wgThis week on CounterSpin: The Supreme Court is grabbing the front pages with rulings on marriage equality and the Voting Rights Act. But the Court’s curious ruling on affirmative action also raises plenty of questions—especially about where the discussion of that issue might be headed next. We’ll speak to Kimberle Crenshaw of the African American Policy Forum about that.

p062513ps-0564Also on the program: Barack Obama gave a major address on climate change. What it signaled, rhetorically or otherwise, was very much up for debate. The media discussion included plenty from Obama’s critics in the fossil fuel industry, but what were the environmentalist critiques of the policy? We’ll talk to Public Citizen’s Tyson Slocum.



African American Policy Forum

Public Citizen