Dec 7 2012

Michael Ratner on Bradley Manning Hearing, Joe Torres on FCC

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This week on CounterSpin: At pre-trial hearings to determine where the U.S. government mistreated or even tortured him, former army Private Bradley Manning was heard from for the first time in more than two years. Descriptions of Manning by the few reporters who attended the hearings clashed with earlier mainstream portraits of Manning as a troubled, brooding misfit. But the corporate media largely responsible for those impressions of Manning were largely AWOL from the hearings. We’ll be joined by Michael Ratner, co-founder of the Center for Constitutional Rights, to talk about the media and the Bradley Manning trial. 

Also on the show: Is the idea of the public airwaves being governed to serve the public interest just a joke? The entity charged with representing the public in media policy, the FCC, sure sends that message when it moves again and again to let media companies that already own media own more, without even considering the impact on diversity. What’s the FCC latest gambit and what do folks who define the public interest as something other than healthy profits think of it? We’ll hear from Joseph Torres of the group Free Press.




Center for Constitutional Rights

Free Press