May 31 2013

Pardiss Kebriaei on Terror Speech, Bob McChesney on Digital Disconnect

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20130523-obama-defense-600x-1369340284This week on CounterSpin: Did Barack Obama’s National Defense University speech signal a sea change in White House terrorism policy? That depended on who was doing the listening. For most corporate media, Obama made a sharp turn, speaking of more limited drone killing policies, and discussing the closure of the Guantanamo detention camp. But many civil liberties and international law experts heard something very different. We’ll talk with Pardiss Kebriaei of the Center for Constitutional Rights.

Digital-Disconnect-BookAlso on CounterSpin today: The Internet has either destroyed the traditional media business or it’s brought us a new era of vibrant, more democratic media. Those are the two sides in the debate over the Web, but author and professor Bob McChesney argues in his new book Digital Disconnect that to understand the Internet, you have to understand capitalism. He’ll join us to explain.

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Center for Constitutional Rights

Digital Disconnect