Sep 13 2013

Rania Khalek on Syria, Peter Ludlow on Barrett Brown

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src.adapt.960.high.1378827903841This week on CounterSpin: The confusing debate over Syria and on-again, off-again U.S. military strikes leaves out a lot—like the work of nonviolent activists inside the country. Journalist Rania Khalek joins us to talk about that—and some of what they have to say about the debate over U.S. bombing.

Also on CounterSpin today, writer and activist Barrett Brown faces decades in prison for linking to a WikiLeaks page. Why is he being targeted by the federal government, and what does it say that a federal judge imposed a gag order on a journalist? We’ll talk to Peter Ludlow, a philosophy professor at Northwestern University who has been following Brown’s case for The Nation magazine.

–“Syria’s Nonviolent Resistance Is Dying to Be Heard,” by Rania Khalek (Al Jazeera America, 9/9/13)

–“The Strange Case of Barrett Brown,” by Peter Ludlow (The Nation, 6/18/13)