Dec 13 2013

Robin Kelley on Nelson Mandela, Dean Baker on Detroit

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abc-mandela-sliderThis week on CounterSpin: Since his death, Nelson Mandela has been portrayed in the media largely as a beloved, almost saintly figure. But Mandela was once feared and despised by some US elites, and the press mirrored that. What changed? We’ll speak with UCLA professor Robin D.G. Kelley about Mandela.

detroit-pensionsAlso on the show: Detroit asked for bankruptcy, because it’s $18 billion in debt, due largely to bloated public sector pensions. That might be the basic shape of the story you’ve heard; listeners won’t be surprised to hear that every part of it is wrong. We’ll talk with economist Dean Baker about the causes of Detroit’s problems and the problems with the solutions. [TRANSCRIPT]


-“Madiba in Palestine,” by Robin D.G. Kelley and Erica Lorraine Williams (CounterPunch, 12/10/13)

-Dean Baker’s Beat the Press blog