Feb 28 2014

Shannon Young on ‘Mexican Moment,’ Ashley Gorski on NYPD Muslim Spying

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time-saving-mexicoGlowing US coverage of Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto has some folks buzzing about the “Mexican Moment.” But is privatizing the oil industry really the reform it’s made out to be? We’ll talk it over with independent journalist Shannon Young.

Also on the show: The Associated Press won a Pulitzer for reporting that the New York Police Department was spying on Muslims–in mosques, bookstores, restaurants and elsewhere–simply because they’re Muslim. Now a federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit over that spying, saying any harm wasn’t caused by the NYPD but by AP! We’ll talk to Ashley Gorski of the ACLU about what the ruling means for civil liberties – and journalism.

–“American Media Misses the Story on Mexican Oil Reform,” by Shannon Young (Texas Observer, 2/10/14)

–“Wrongly Legitimatizing NYPD Discrimination,” by Ashley Gorski (Blog of Rights, 2/25/14)