Nov 22 2013

Trevor Timm on NSA ‘Reform,’ Nima Shirazi on Iran Negotiations

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10616232584_5c3b801643_zThis week on CounterSpin: Polls show Americans overwhelmingly opposed to the government’s mass surveillance programs; they find the unconstitutional spying “alarming” and don’t think it’s making them safer. There’s legislative movement to “reform” surveillance procedures–but is it real reform or windowdressing? We’ll hear from Trevor Timm of the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

iran-geneva-talksAlso on CounterSpin today: Nuclear talks between Iran and six world powers resumed on November 20, after falling apart nearly two weeks earlier. But the US press seems a little confused about why those earlier talks failed. We’ll talk with Nima Shirazi of Wide Asleep in America about that–and about what to watch out for as talks go forward.


“Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s New NSA Bill Will Codify and Extend Mass Surveillance of Americans,” by Trevor Timm (Electronic Frontier Foundation, 10/31/13)

–“Iran’s Nuclear Rights vs. the West’s ‘Bombastic Diplomacy,'” by Nima Shirazi (Wide Asleep in America, 11/11/13)