Oct 25 2013

Yves Smith on JPMorgan Chase, Linda Gunther on Pandora’s Promise

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JP Morgan Chase & Co sign outside headquarters in New York
This week on CounterSpin: The Justice Department looks like it might pin a $13 billion fine on JP Morgan Chase for its role in the financial collapse and ensuing recession. But are they getting off easy? Wall Street media cheerleaders are saying Chase is being punished for things they didn’t even do. But is that right? We’ll talk to economics blogger Yves Smith of the website Naked Capitalism.

CNN-PPAlso on CounterSpin: CNN will air a pro-nuclear documentary on November 7. Pandora’s Promise has been described by the New York Times as being “as stacked as advocate movies get…a parade of like-minded nuclear-power advocates who assure us that everything will be all right.” Why would a news channel air propaganda? The group Beyond Nuclear has been factchecking Pandora’s Promise‘s claims; we’ll talk to the group’s founder, Linda Gunther.


–“The Ridiculous ‘Jamie Dimon as Victim’ Meme on the Pending JP Morgan Mortgage Settlement,” by Yves Smith (Naked Capitalism, 10/23/13)

Beyond Nuclear