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Broadcast TV

Right and Early Extra! (4/12)
Sunday morning shows are GOP TV

Right-wing Tilt on Sunday Morning Extra! (9/10)
The conservative records of talking-head lawmakers

Power Sources Extra! (5/02)
On party, gender, race and class, TV news looks to the most powerful groups

Are You on the Nightline Guestlist? Extra! (1/89)
A 40-month examination

–Study Aftermath: FAIR Debates MacNeil/Lehrer Extra! (6/90)


Cable TV

Still Failing the ‘Fair & Balanced’ Test Extra! (7/04)
‘Special Report’ leans right, white, Republican & male

Fox‘s Slanted Sources Extra! (7-8/01)
Conservatives, Republicans far outnumber others

CNN‘s Reliably Narrow Sources Extra! (3/03)
Media show’s exclusive guestlist reinforces biases


Public Media

Does NewsHour Help Us See America Whole? Extra! (11/10)
A study of PBS’s flagship news show

Are You on the NewsHour‘s Guestlist? Extra! (10/06)
PBS flagship news show fails public mission

How Public Is Public Radio? Extra! (5-6/04)
A study of NPR’s guest list

White Noise Extra! (9-10/02)
Voices of color scarce on urban public radio



Wh0 Gets to Review and Be Reviewed? Extra! (8/10)
Authors, book critics drawn from narrow pool

Booknotes‘ Slanted Shelf Extra! (7/00)
C-SPAN slights left-wing authors



U.S. Climate Coverage in the 00’s  Extra! (2/10)
Tracking global warming’s media profile

Journalistic Balance as Global Warming Bias Extra! (10/04)
Creating controversy where science finds consensus

Depleted Coverage of Uranium Weapons Extra! (6/03)
Speculating about Saddam Hussein and uranium for weapons, but little interest in the U.S. and Britain’s use of them

An NPR Report on Dioxin Extra! (4-5/93)
How “Neutral” Experts Can Slant a Story



Media Not Concerned About the Very Poor  Extra! (9/12)
Study finds poverty not an issue in most election coverage

Bored With Occupy–and Inequality Extra! (5/12)
Class issues fade along with protest coverage

Top Op-Ed Pages Offer Choice of Elites Extra! (4/12)
On reigning issues, convergent perspectives

The Poor Will Always Be With Us–Just Not on TV News Extra! (9-10/07)
The poverty of poverty’s news coverage

TV on Social Security: It’s Broke, Fix It Extra! (5-6/99)
Thirteen months of  slanted Social Security coverage

Social Security Coverage: By the Numbers Extra! (5-6/99)


War & Militarism

On Libya, Opinion Pages a No-Debate Zone? Extra! (5/11)
NYT, WP made little room for anti-intervention voices

In Afghan Debate, Few Antiwar Op-Eds Extra! (11/09)
Elite papers marginalize public opposition

Human Rights Coverage Serving Washington’s Needs Extra! (2/09)
Newspapers putting political considerations ahead of humanitarian concerns in their editorials on Latin America

If News From Iraq Is Bad, It’s Coming From U.S. Officials Extra! (9-10/04)
U.S. TV news coverage of the Iraq situation continues to be dominated by government and military officials

Amplifying Officials, Squelching Dissent Extra! (5/03)
Democracy poorly served by war coverage

In Prelude to War, TV Served as Official Megaphone Extra! (4/03)
Network newscasts dominated by current and former U.S. officials leading up to the invasion of Iraq

Depleted Coverage of Uranium Weapons Extra! (6/03)
Speculating about Saddam Hussein and uranium for weapons, but little interest in the U.S. and Britain’s use of them

Study of NPR‘s Coverage of Deaths in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Extra! (11-12/01)
Israeli deaths more likely to be reported on

Network of Insiders Extra! (11-12/01)
TV news relies mainly on officials to discuss policy


Voters and Elections

Congress’s Missing Coverage Extra! (8/12)
Local papers little help in casting an informed vote

TV’s Low-Cal Campaign Coverage Extra! (6/08)
How 385 stories can tell you next to nothing about whom to vote for

Subverting, Not Preserving, Democracy Extra! (7-8/06)
Marginalizing vote fraud ‘conspiracy theories’

Election Neglected on L.A.’s Local TV Extra! (7-8/97)
Exploring an Empty News Hole

Issues, Images & Impact Extra! (12/92)
A FAIR survey of voters’ knowledge


Race, Religion and Gender

Missing Latino Voices Extra! (9/12)
Excluded from the newsroom, absent from the conversation

Tea Party vs. U.S. Social Forum Extra! (9/10)
Mass movements that matter for media—Round 2

Don’t Ask Gays About Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Extra! (5/10)
Debate on military policy excludes those most affected

National Equality vs. Tea Party Extra! (2/10)
Which march matters for media?

Arpaio vs. Immigrants Extra! (5/09)
Those most affected left out of debate

Making Islamophobia Mainstream Extra! (11-12/08)
How Muslim-bashers broadcast their bigotry

‘Secret Muslims,’ Open Bigotry Extra! (11-12/08)
Islamophobia in the 2008 presidential campaign

FAIR Special Report: ‘Smearcasting’ Special Release (10/08)
How Islamophobes spread fear, bigotry and misinformation

Opinion Omission Extra! (7/05)
Women hard to find on op-ed pages, TV panels

Muting the Women’s March  Extra! (7/04)
Media lose focus when women protest in Washington

How Seventeen Undermines Young Women Extra! (1-2/93)
Reinforcing cultural expectations of physical beauty and relations with others

Abortion Coverage Leaves Women Out of the Picture Extra! (8/92)
Abortion  covered from the standpoint of Washington instead of the perspective of those most affected by the issue


Drug War

Don’t Forget the Hype Extra! (9/92)
Media, Drugs, and Public Opinion



Media Quarantine of Single-Payer Continues Extra! (11/09)
Fifteen years later, public health insurance still taboo


Congo Ignored, Not Forgotten Extra! (4/09)
When 5 million dead aren’t worth two stories a year

Bono, I Presume? Extra! (5/07)
Covering Africa through celebrities


Think Tank Citations

Think Tank Spectrum 2012 Extra! (7/13)
Range of debate narrows as the status quo holds

Think Tank Spectrum Revisited Extra! (6/12)
Conservatives gain within still-narrow spectrum

Right Ebbs, Left Gains as Media ‘Experts’ Special online-only study (9/09)
Think tank balance still skews right

The Incredible Shrinking Think Tank Extra! (3-4/08)
Third year in a row of declining citations

Think Tank Sources Fall, but Left Gains Slightly Extra! (3-4/07)
Progressive groups still a small slice

Study Finds First Drop in Think Tank Cites Extra! (5-6/06)
Progressive groups see biggest decline

Right, Center Think Tanks Still Most Quoted Extra! (5-6/05)
Study of cites debunks “liberal media” claims

Special Report: Think Tank Coverage Extra! (5-6/04)
More attention, but not more balance

Spectrum Narrows Further in 2002 Extra! (7-8/03)
Progressive, domestic think tanks see drop

Think Tanks in a Time of Crisis Extra! (3-4/02)
FAIR’s 2001 survey of the media’s institutional experts

Think Tanks Y2K Extra! (7-8/01)
Progressive groups gain, but right still cited twice as often

Think Tanks: The Rich Get Richer Extra! (5-6/00)
As in the global economy, in the world of the think tanks that dominate the mass media, the rich have gotten richer

What’s in a Label? Extra! (5-6/98)
Right-wing think tanks are often quoted, rarely labeled

New Survey on Think Tanks Extra! (7-8/97)
Media Favored Conservative Institutions in 1996

The Think Tank Spectrum Extra! (5-6/96)
For the Media, Some Thinkers Are More Equal Than Others