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sharonAriel Sharon died on January 11, and media send-offs included a lot about the former Israeli prime minister’s historic role and his dedication to Israel’s defense and security. But they often glossed lightly over the darker aspects of Sharon’s record. We’ll talk with Rashid Khalidi, Columbia University’s Edward Said Professor of Modern Arab Studies, about what was often missing in coverage of Sharon’s death.

npr-eaAlso on the show: Many public radio listeners have been dismayed to hear puff pieces about hydraulic fracking on NPR, and then to hear ads from the fracking industry. One group recently took their concerns right to the source. We’ll hear from Drew Hudson of Environmental Action about what happened at that meeting with NPR.


–“Call Off the Sainthood of Ariel Sharon,” by Rashid Khalidi (Foreign Policy, 1/13/14)

–What Happened at NPR (Environmental Action, 12/18/13)