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mexico-protestsThis week on CounterSpin: The disappearance of 48 student activists in Mexico has brought hundreds of thousands of activists to the streets, demanding accountability from the US-allied president who just months ago was being cheered by Time magazine as the man who would save Mexico. We’ll talk to journalist Roberto Lovato about the crisis in Mexico and the reasons the story isn’t getting enough coverage in the US press.

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140402192723-afghanistan-intv-amanpour-ashraf-ghani-00000228-horizontal-galleryAlso this week: US media presented the election of Ashraf Ghani as Afghanistan’s president as good news, largely because he would sign an agreement allowing US forces to remain in the country. Afghan women had different reasons to be tentatively hopeful; but then, who remembers Afghan women? We’ll talk with journalist Ann Jones about her new article, “The Missing Women of Afghanistan.”
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–“Mass Graves, Mass Deportations and Blossoming of Big Hope in América,” by Roberto Lovato (Of America, 10/28/14)

–“The Missing Women of Afghanistan: After 13 Years of War, the Rule of Men, Not Law,” by Ann Jones (TomDispatch, 10/30/14)