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WRTV: Trump Promises to Save Carrier Jobs

image: WRTV (3/1/16)

This week on CounterSpin: Donald Trump says he “never thought I made that promise” to keep more than a thousand Carrier corporation jobs in Indiana that were slated to move to Mexico, and also the union leader who heard him make it is “terrible” at his job. Shown the video in which he made the promise, Trump explained he “didn’t mean it quite that way.”

But what if instead of getting lost in Trump’s machinations, media looked at what deals like the one that actually happened with Carrier actually wind up meaning for workers and local economies? We’ll hear from Greg LeRoy, from the group Good Jobs First, about what reporters interested in jobs, rather than in what Trump says (today) about jobs, might be talking about now.

Transcript: ‘We Can Stop Committing Interstate Job Fraud’

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People Over Pipelines (cc photo: Fibonacci Blue)

(cc photo: Fibonacci Blue)

Also on the show: The announcement that the Army Corps of Engineers would not grant a permit for the last part of the Dakota Access Pipeline was cause for celebration, not just among the indigenous Water Protectors at Standing Rock, but for all of those in solidarity with the historic human and environmental struggle that No DAPL has come to represent. As we look for lessons from the Standing Rock fight, first among them must be that it isn’t over. We’ll talk about the importance of what happens now with writer, social justice organizer and photographer Kelly Hayes.

Transcript: ‘We Don’t Need to Get to Standing Rock to Be Part of the Front Line’

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First though we’ll take a very quick look at recent press, including Donald Trump’s conflicts of interest and the Walter Scott mistrial.

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