Feb 9 2007

Juan Cole on Iran’s Iraq Meddling, Ann Jones on Afghanistan


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This week on CounterSpin: a look at a war mostly forgotten by the press, and one that could be on the horizon. A recent survey finds Americans are increasingly finding the notion of war against Iran, thinkable. One key reason for this must surely be the volume of U.S. propaganda accusing Iran of aiding Iraqi insurgents that passes largely unmediated from U.S. officials to the public. We’ll talk to Professor Juan Cole of the University of Michigan and the blog Informed Comment about the Iran story.

Also on CounterSpin today, the war in Afghanistan was pushed to the media back-burner even before the invasion of Iraq had begun. That neglect probably gives many Americans the misimpression that things there more or less worked themselves out. Journalist and photographer Ann Jones will join us to talk about the Afghanistan of the present, confined mostly to the back pages of American newspapers.


Informed Comment

Not the Same as Being Equal, Ann Jones (TomDispatch.com, 2/5/07)