Jul 09 2015

BP Deal: Path to a ‘Cleaner Gulf’–or Guaranteed Future Disasters?

Oil slick (photo: Richard Perry/NYT)

“BP Deal Will Lead to a Cleaner Gulf” is the headline the New York Times put over an editorial that, in its tone and substance, makes a pretty good illustration of why it almost assuredly won’t.

Mar 01 2015

Torture Defenders Dominated TV Debate

FAIR study: For every critic, 2 sources defended CIA abuse

Former Vice President Dick Cheney talked to Meet the Press on NBC

Only 18 guests (34 percent) articulated clear opposition to the CIA’s torture practices—about half as many as spoke up in defense of torture. Representatives of human rights groups and experts on international law were notable for their absence.

Dec 05 2014

FAIR TV: December 5, 2014

Mar 18 2014

Big Media Get Bigger and Badder

FAIR Fights Back

A big trade deal that has mobilized activists around the globe is barely mentioned in the corporate press. A crisis in Ukraine has some in the press talking about a “new Cold War.” From Venezuela to Iraq, the past is rewritten to suit US elite interests. And now, the nation’s No. 1 cable company wants to gobble up the No. 2 cable company, creating yet another corporate media monster. That’s what Big Media are up to these days. Thanks to you, FAIR fights back. We need to raise $20,000 to keep doing it. Tens of thousands read FAIR’s work every […]

Jan 14 2014

How the Big Papers Remember Ariel Sharon

Jan 10 2014

FAIR TV January 10, 2014

Sep 20 2013

FAIR TV: Food Stamp “Balance,” CNN’s Conflicted Leftist, Chuck Todd vs. Chuck Todd

Jul 23 2013

Bradley Manning Is Not a Royal Baby


Sometimes corporate media don’t even pretend to hide what they’re doing. “With a Royal Baby Due, News Outlets Are on High Alert” was the headline of a recent New York Times story about TV preparations for the birth of the queen of England’s great-grandchild. Meanwhile, the military trial of whistleblower and WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning is underway, not far from Washington, D.C. And the same networks flying reporters to London are skipping a historic, absolutely newsworthy event. This is the corporate media. And we–you and FAIR–can do something about it. We are just a few donations away from making our […]