Jul 9 2015

BP Deal: Path to a ‘Cleaner Gulf’–or Guaranteed Future Disasters?

Oil slick (photo: Richard Perry/NYT)

“BP Deal Will Lead to a Cleaner Gulf” is the headline the New York Times put over an editorial that, in its tone and substance, makes a pretty good illustration of why it almost assuredly won’t.

Jan 12 2015

For Fox News’ Steve Emerson, Factchecking Seems to Be a No-Go Zone

Fox News “expert” Steve Emerson retracted his claim that non-Muslims can’t enter Britain’s second-largest city. But he has a long history of making equally inaccurate claims.

Dec 5 2014

FAIR TV: December 5, 2014

Mar 18 2014

Big Media Get Bigger and Badder

FAIR Fights Back

A big trade deal that has mobilized activists around the globe is barely mentioned in the corporate press. A crisis in Ukraine has some in the press talking about a “new Cold War.” From Venezuela to Iraq, the past is rewritten to suit US elite interests. And now, the nation’s No. 1 cable company wants to gobble up the No. 2 cable company, creating yet another corporate media monster. That’s what Big Media are up to these days. Thanks to you, FAIR fights back. We need to raise $20,000 to keep doing it. Tens of thousands read FAIR’s work every […]

Jan 14 2014

How the Big Papers Remember Ariel Sharon

Jan 10 2014

FAIR TV January 10, 2014

Sep 20 2013

FAIR TV: Food Stamp “Balance,” CNN’s Conflicted Leftist, Chuck Todd vs. Chuck Todd

Jul 23 2013

Bradley Manning Is Not a Royal Baby


Sometimes corporate media don’t even pretend to hide what they’re doing. “With a Royal Baby Due, News Outlets Are on High Alert” was the headline of a recent New York Times story about TV preparations for the birth of the queen of England’s great-grandchild. Meanwhile, the military trial of whistleblower and WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning is underway, not far from Washington, D.C. And the same networks flying reporters to London are skipping a historic, absolutely newsworthy event. This is the corporate media. And we–you and FAIR–can do something about it. We are just a few donations away from making our […]