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seg-now-ppThis week on CounterSpin: Much of the media coverage of the 60th anniversary of the Brown v. Board of Education decision outlawing segregated schools noted an ominous development: American schools are still segregated, some even more so than before Brown. We’ll talk to Nikole Hannah-Jones of ProPublica, who has been tracking this for a series called “Segregation Now.”

nuclear-weaponsAlso this week: Congress is currently debating the military budget, including White House proposals to increase spending on nuclear weapons to $300 billion over the next decade. But besides the rare wire story, you wouldn’t know about it, despite news angles which might question how it conflicts with US international obligations and previous White House pronouncements. We’ll speak with Lizbeth Gronlund of the Union of Concerned Scientists Global Security Program about nuclear weapons spending.

–“Segregation Now,” by Nikole Hannah-Jones (ProPublica, 4/16/14)

Union of Concerned Scientists